Origins of the Commission for The Human Future Initiative 

In the first half of 2017, the Emeritus Faculty ANU, undertook discussions of a book published in 2017 by Faculty member Julian Cribb, entitled "Surviving the 21st-Century". This resulted in a three-hour roundtable event among a group of 37 academic leaders and students at the ANU  on 27th of June 2017. The roundtable was run using approaches  developed by Australia21, non government Think Tank for the Public Good and was chaired by Emeritus Faculty member and Australia21 Director, Bob Douglas.

The report of the discussion was jointly published by Australia21 and the ANU. The report was entitled “Pathways Past The Precipice: Flourishing In a Mega-Threatened World”. It addressed the question of how ANU and the Australian University Sector could most effectively contribute to the mitigation of existential risk.

The summary states:

"Humans are facing our greatest test in the million-year ascent of our kind. But this isn’t a single challenge, like a famine or disease outbreak.It is a constellation of ten huge man-made threats, which are now coming together to imperil our stability and future existence. Society often regards these ten risks — ecological collapse, resource depletion, weapons of mass destruction, global warming, global poisoning, food insecurity, population and urban expansion, pandemic disease, dangerous new technologies and self-delusion— as separate issues. In reality, they are deeply intertwined:each affects the others. This means they cannot be dealt with one at a time, but must be addressed in conjunction— and at species level."

The full report is available Here.

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ANUAustralia21The Commission is administered by an Independent Board and the website is managed by two board members Julian Cribb and Bob Douglas with assistance from website developer Darryl Seto. The commission grew out of initiatives by The Australian National University and Australia21.

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