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Change of Website Name

This website previously went under the name of Humans for Survival (H4S). It has changed its name to reflect the activities of the newly developed Commission for the Human Future (CHF) in Australia, which was formed late in 2019 and which has grown out of the work described here.

Resources and Links

Sources and sister sites:

For much of its material  Commission for The Human Future depends on partnerships with other like-minded news and information sites dedicated to human survival, the health of our planet and the mitigation of existential risks. We share their ideas with full acknowledgement of the source and authorship and provide links to it. Here are some of the more visionary and inspiring sources of information, discussion and solutions to existential threats.

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ANUAustralia21The Commission is administered by an Independent Board and the website is managed by two board members Julian Cribb and Bob Douglas with assistance from website developer Darryl Seto. The commission grew out of initiatives by The Australian National University and Australia21.

Please select this link to see further details about the Board.