Remaking Australia

5 Dec 2018

A recently released vision for a transformed Australia is highly pertinent to thinking about the way we deal with the major threats facing human civilisation.

Australia Remade

"Australia Remade" is the product of a group of senior representatives of leading Australian non-government organisations and their interviews with hundreds of Australians to discover their vision for the Australia of their dreams. The aim of the vision is to ignite inspirational conversation about the possibilities as we plot a new and dazzling course for Australia's future.

The vision has nine “pillars” and sets out in simple language the kind of society that would be “THE BEST version OF US.” The nine pillars describe an achievable future, where aboriginal people take their rightful place in Australian society; where priority is given to ensuring the integrity of the natural world; where the economy serves both the people and the planet; a society where all contributions count and every job has dignity; where diverse people live comfortably and cooperatively in flourishing communities; where there is a new dawn for women and a thriving, healthy democracy and where Australia does good the in the world through its relationships with other countries.

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